Sebastapol Child Care Centre

Project Snapshot

Sebastopol Child Care Centre is a safe, welcoming and inspiring space for children and their families. VDG directed every effort towards ensuring the project catered to the unique needs of young children, while also maximising convenience for staff, parents and key stakeholders.

After researching and monitoring the suburb, VDG identified the passage of growth and timed their project to align with the approval of 2000 new lots in the surrounding region. The selected site was situated in a central area of the new land development, providing security and enhancing the potential profitability of the new business space.

While under due diligence, VDG then established a lease agreement with our partnered operators “Brady Bunch Early Learning Bendigo”. This collaborative partnership enhanced the quality of the project by ensuring the resulting design adequately reflected the unique needs of a child care centre.

Catering to up to 110 children, this Sebastopol Child Care Centre is a future-focussed and state-of-the-art opportunity for local families. The double-storey property boasts a high-end internal fit-out as well as a large commercial-grade kitchen, coolroom and an on-site car park. Custom joinery and ample storage units maximise the use of space, while an open-plan design encourages creative play and interaction between children.

The natural outdoor play areas are characterised by bright colours, shaded sections, interactive playgrounds and trim landscaping. A mix of concrete, sand, grass and rubber mulch maintains a safe and engaging outdoor environment for the children.

With a commitment to long-lasting and personalised value, this Sebastopol Child Care Centre will cater to local children and their families for years to come.

Project Vision

Situated on the rural-urban fringe of Victoria’s popular Ballarat, Sebastopol was once a township characterised by gold mines and farming. Following the end of the gold rush, the bustling town dwindled in population, infrastructure and accessibility.

It wasn’t until the community of Ballarat grew and began spilling into Sebastopol in the early-2000s that the municipality was revitalised. VDG monitored this gradual growth of residential, industrial and commercial infrastructure, recording all nearby developments.

After the City of Ballarat approved a new land estate of 2000 lots, VDG secured a site in the central area of the development and set out to provide a much-needed service for the growing community. Despite being a semi-rural location, VDG envisioned a state-of-the-art and future-focussed centre. With this vision, the project imbues child-safe materials, ample outdoor space and a seamless transition between education and play.

This Sebastopol Child Care Centre is meticulously designed, catering to local children and their families. The 2-storey property is one-of-a-kind in the area, making it the centre of choice for parents and caregivers.


Type of project 



Sebastopol Child Care Centre


Permit, Planning, Design and Construction


2017 - 2018

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